Energy harvesting through bimetal thermal cycling

Minalogic anounces that 6 innovating projects have been selected in the 14th call for projects of the french government Industry department. The 6 projects have a total R&D budget of €29,7 millions, of which €11,5 million come from the french government subsidies, from FEDER European funds and from local communities.

DELTA CONCEPT is partner in one of these projects, HEATec project.


The industry department funds program is intended to support applied research, to support the development of new products and services, which are supposed to be put on the market in a short-term or in a mid-term.

It allows the funding of R&D collaborative projects (big companies, SMEs, research laboratories) of competitive clusters

HEATec project 
Theme : energy efficiency
Development of  innovative solutions for thermal energy harvesting

The HEATec project aims to develop new systems of thermal energy harvesting, using thermal gradients. These new systems facilitate applications linked to electrical power supply of low energy autonomous systems with converters of a few tens of microwatts per cm², or creating energy producing systems with converters of a few milliwatts per cm².

In order to achieve these objectives, the partners decide to harvest the released mechanical energy using DELTA CONCEPT bimetals, under heat effect, and on a cyclical basis.

Potential applications:

  • Home automation
  • Infrastructure & building
    • Water and gas smart meters
    • Electrical cables
    • Water and gas networks
  • Consumer
    • Watches
    • Headlamps
    • Advertising medium
  • Industry
    • Buildings control and automation
    • Circuit breakers
    • Industrial surveillance and security (electrical cabinets, cable trees …)
  • Medical
    • Autonomous surveillance systems
    • Heart rate monitors
  • Automotive


French Partners : STMicroelectronics Crolles (38) – STMicroelectronics Tours (37) – STMicroelectronics Rousset (13) – Genes’Ink (13) – Delta Concept (38) – CEA-Leti et CEA-Liten (38) – ESI Group (75)
Budget : M€6,8
Label Green
Projet co-sponsored by Capenergies clusters, S2E2 et SCS