delta concept

35 years in specific thermo-bimetal components.

DELTA CONCEPT develops and manufactures components and sub-assemblies
for thermal or electrical regulation and security.

DELTA CONCEPT is a company, which is :





Our customers are small or big international companies,
which manufacture household or industrial equipments.

Our team is made of passionate people about bimetal technology
and its ability to meet multiple needs of thermal sensors and actuators.


Gilbert Pitone – CEO since 2006

Our knowledge and skills at your service

DELTA CONCEPT is located at Grenoble, in an industrial
and technological ecosystem, which is unique in Europe.

The company also owns industrial means, necessary for manufacturing
small or high volumes of production and quality controls:
Punching presses, thermal treatment ovens, spot welding machines, riveting or crimping presses,
high precision thermal control oven …

Activité bilames

Bimetal components

Development and fabrication of Bimetallic components on specification, used as temperature sensors and mechanical systems actuators.

Activité actionneurs thérmiques

Thermal actuators

Development and fabrication on specification, of thermosensitive, mechanical or electrical sub-assemblies, including one or several Bimetallic components.

Activités bureaux d'études

Engineering and
Design office

Study and design of bimetals or thermosensitive bimetal sub-assemblies, on specification. Prototyping and trials.

Our company meets your expectations ?

The Bimetal technology

General characteristics

Bimetal is a composite material, made of 2
layers, having different expansion coefficients.
A temperature variation makes a distortion,
due to the interaction of these 2 layers which
partially act in opposition.

Dimensions constraints

In snap action applications, the three dimensions (Length/width/thickness) must satisfy specific proportions: this is Delta Concept know-how.

Bimetal grades

There are about 30 different grades of thermo-bimetal: each of these grades has specific characteristics, as the deflection rate , the electrical resistivity, the thermal resistivity, the density, the elasticity, etc ...

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