Thermal actuators for ventilation lines

Air distribution lines are made of different mechanical parts, including elements with flaps, for air or smoke flow regulation, as well as for security reasons.

The regular flaps are manual

… or motorized

Capteur SnapTemp

DELTA CONCEPT fabricates and sells thermal probes for motorized flaps control

DELTA CONCEPT also fabricates sub-assemblies which actuate flaps, using the bimetal technology. They are automatic and energy free.

Spiral shaped bimetal: The thermal sensor turns with a linear deflection (constant angular degree, per °C of temperature variation).

Cantilever shaped bimetal: The thermal sensor pushes an arm in a bi-stable translation mouvement (snap action and reset at 2 different temperatures, on specification).

Advantages of the bimétal technology:

  • Can be used both as thermal sensor and actuator
  • Simple and low cost
  • Electrical energy free
  • Reliable and sustainable