Thermal actuators for stoves and chimneys

When mounted on the exhaust of a chimney, a flap (generally manual flap) is here to regulate the power of fire, and to isolate the house from outside cold temperature, when the fire is off.

An air input pipe is needed at the bottom of the fireplace, in order to provide fresh air from outside, to activate the fire. This pipe must be closed when there is no fire anymore, in order to prevent from cold air flow in the house.

Smoke referral: some modern chimney inserts are equipped with a manual flap on the top of the fire place, in order to force a double combustion of smoke. This decreases the quantity of polluting particles which are emitted to the atmosphere.

Hot air exhausts are sometimes installed along the chimney pipe, in order to warm different rooms of the house. The temperature of this hot air can be tuned by mixing it with outside colds air.

DELTA CONCEPT develops sub-assemblies, using the bimetal technology, in order to have all these functions automatic and energy free.

Advantages of the bimetal technology:

  • Can be used both as thermal sensor and actuator.
  • Simple and low cost.
  • Energy free.
  • Reliable and sustainable.